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We buy and sell crop protection products from all multinational manufacturers (BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, etc.) throughout the EU and can therefore offer our customers and partners the best prices and conditions as well as the greatest possible security of supply.

We are also working on partnerships with up-and-coming generics manufacturers in order to open up new markets for our partners. This enables us to expand our product portfolio with new, high-quality and affordable generics and increase the competitiveness of our customers, partners and suppliers.

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plant protection products

In-house registration

and quality assurance

We have our own parallel trade licences for many crop protection products in various countries. These products each have the same manufacturer and are identical in composition to the respective domestic product.

At our European headquarters in Allerheiligen, we have our own department for the registration and quality assurance of crop protection products. We print the required labels in our in-house print shop and label the products purchased throughout the EU for the respective destination country.

To guarantee product safety, all legal and safety aspects as well as the quality of our products are carefully checked.

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