Innovative products

for sustainable agriculture

Our modern agriculture is constantly facing major changes and challenges. Innovative products are designed to strengthen the plants themselves in a natural way and make them more resistant in order to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

These products enable us to offer real and effective alternatives to the use of chemical active ingredients.

Innovation Pflanzen
Innovatives Pflanzenstärkungsmittel

Exclusively throughout Europe


PlanTonic contains the most important substances of the immune system and consists of natural raw materials. PlanTonic keeps plants healthy and the use of fungicides can be greatly reduced. Also suitable for organic farms.


SoilTonic is a soil additive whose effect is based on natural plant extracts and important trace elements. The natural ingredients help to maintain and restore soil health. Also suitable for organic farms.


PowerTonic consists of highly effective plant extracts and is a real immune booster. The product is used to restore plant health in the event of biotic stress caused by fungal diseases and harmful bacteria.

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